Sooty Paw Paw Dog Poop Bags


1000 Sooty Paw Paw Dog Poop Bags

dog poop bagsSooty Paw Paw Dog Poop Bags are the next generation of quality, durable, and leak-proof pet waste bags. The combination of our Patent Dispenser and large 9″x12″ bags will be your leading choice for cleaning up after your pal(s).

Having 1000 dog poop bags on board saves you money significantly in the long run.

Each box comes with 50 rolls with 20 bags per roll giving you long-term coverage for many months ahead.

This box of 50 rolls, with Patented Dispenser included, is available direct from for only $25.90 List Price: $39.99 You Save $14.09 (35%) Savings!!!


5 Reasons why Sooty Paw Paw Dog Poop Bags are the leading choice in pet waste pick-up


1. DURABLE DOG POOP BAGS – Sooty Paw Paw high-quality dog waste bags are just the right size for both large and small dogs. These aren’t your typical cheap dog poop bags. They are very strong and leak-proof. You will be relieved knowing you have the best dog poop bags with you when you need to transport the poop to a garbage can or all the way to your home.

2. DOG WASTE BAG DISPENSER – Sooty Paw Paw’s dispenser is one-of-a-kind. Did you ever get into the situation when you’re trying to pull out just one bag and 2 or 3 come pulling out of your current dog poop bag dispenser? This dispenser was specifically manufactured to pull out just one bag at a time.

3. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PET WASTE BAGSOur dog disposal bags are much better for reducing the long-term effects of over filling our landfills. These bags are made from EPI’s technology. Sooty Paw Paw Pet Products believes in aiding in the reduction of the carbon footprint. Plus, our bags don’t have a plastic insert for added waste. epi symbol4. LARGE SIZE BAGS – No need to worry about getting dog feces on your hands. With the doggie poop bags at 9″x12″ in size you have plenty of room to fit larger dog poo in it while keeping your hands and fingers protected.

5. BUY FROM AMAZON.COM – Ordering Sooty Paw Paw dog poop bags direct from Amazon is the safest and quickest online purchase you can make. Getting your product delivered to your front door in a matter of 5-7 days, or even sooner if you do express shipping, is the best way to go.

Free eBook included with your purchase!How-to-stop-the-10-most-common-dog-obedience-problems-L

Yes, also included is a free downloadable eBook when you purchase directly from Amazon. This eBook is titled “How to stop the 10 most common dog obedience problems.” both you and your pal will benefit from all the useful tips in this guide.

Here are just some of the 10 pointers you will learn from this eBook:

  • Digging -The root of digging and learning how to break the habit.
  • Jumping – Why dogs jump and how to stop it.
  • Barking – Why dogs bark and how to minimize it.
  • Chewing – Retraining a dog’s instinct to chew.
  • Pulling on the leash – Creating a walking relationship with your pal.

And 5 more you will master after reading this must have eBook…


Got The Bags?

Let’s face it, no one really wants to clean up after your dog especially when picking up dog poop. But even more, no one wants to step in it. When your pal needs to go you can’t control Mother Nature’s call!

Sooty Paw Paw dog poop bags makes the most undesirable pet chore quick and easy.

Be a responsible pet owner, and keep the parks and your neighbors’ yards clean and pedestrian friendly.

With Sooty Paw Paw bags on board your belongings will stay clean from pet fecal matter.

Don’t leave home without your dog poop bags. Whether you need to transport the poop to a garbage can or all the way home; you can count on Sooty Paw Paw brand dog waste bags to get the job done!

You can always keep an extra pet waste bags dispenser with a role of dog poop bags in your vehicle just in case you forget to bring your one from home with you.

BUBBLE PACK If you need some extra dog poop bag dispensers For just $9.90 you can buy our 2-pack from which has everything you need to store in your glove box.

No Matter what your needs are; when it comes to picking up after your pal, Sooty Paw Paw has you covered.

This is why we are “leading the Pack with Dog Waste Bags!”

Plus, our pet waste bag dispenser is guaranteed to tear off just one bag a time!


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